Friday, May 30, 2008

Bobby said...

Corious should look for his Grandma while Bryan looks in the closed drawer.

"Check out that drawer," Corious pointed at the desk, "I'm going to have a look around out here."
Bryan opened the drawer as Corious opened the door (open drawer, open door!).

"Hey!" Bryan exclaimed. Corious stopped and turned. "I can't see a thing when you leave!"
"Blimey...that is a problem." Corious returned to the desk, "What's in there?"

They gazed into the drawer and saw some pens, a pair of scissors, paste, some empty folders, and a homemade knife.
"We can come back for any of this if we need it, I guess." Corious stated, "Come on, lets see if grandmother's home."

The two stepped cautiously out of the room into the main entryway of the house. There was a large staircase going up, a door on each side of the open hallway, and to their right was what looked like a living room.

"My grandmother's room is upstairs," Corious said, "Those two doors lead to a kitchen and storage closet, and that living room is where grandmother visits guests."

Suddenly they heard some faint laughter coming from above.
"Somebody's upstairs..."



Bobby said...

Corious should find out the source of the laughter with Bryan cowardly following behind.

Father Cory said...

...with a fireplace poker.

bobby said...