Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This is the characters section. As the adventures of Corious unfold, new people will be introduced into the game. If they join up with him, they will appear here.

Corious Millerson

Corious Millerson is a charming lad with a nearly humorous sense of humor. He's quite adventurous and has recently taken after his father in one insignificant way: he grew a beard. Girls love him, guys want to be him, and moms want their daughters to marry him. Other than that, he's really not very interesting.

Sir Bryan

Sir Bryan has quite the imagination and tends to think himself a superhero. He can't walk in a straight path most of the time and usually ends up running along and bouncing off of things, or swinging on objects, or climbing obstacles. Most of his jokes aren't funny, and the majority of them consist of lame puns, but he still tells them and laughs anyway. Brian also rarely passes up any opportunity to hit on pretty girls when they're around.

Grandpa Charlie

Corious' grandpa is an ooooold man. In most cases, that would mean he's also a wise man. But this isn't necessarily one of those cases. Grandpa Charlie tends to believe he is a wizard and even claims to know quite a few spells. So far, the only "spells" people have seen him do, are when he made his pet cat "Whiskers" mysteriously disappear (nobody knows where she is now), and when he summoned an ale, which suddenly appeared in his hand (because his wife gave it to him.) He was thought to be dead for a long time, until just recently when Corious found him in his room and learned that he'd merely been captured for a time by who knows what.

Mr. Jimbo

Mr. Jimbo was Corious' childhood friend. They used to do everything together until Mr. Jimbo mysteriously disappeared one day. Recently, however, Corious stumbled upon an old microwave in the forest behind his cottage and upon opening it, found Mr. Jimbo sitting inside holding a tiny umbrella. Corious was too excited to ask questions and Mr. Jimbo doesn't talk anyway so they would've been to no avail. Not much else is known about Mr. Jimbo, but it's rumored that he has some mysterious special powers.