Friday, May 30, 2008

Bobby said...

Corious should look for his Grandma while Bryan looks in the closed drawer.

"Check out that drawer," Corious pointed at the desk, "I'm going to have a look around out here."
Bryan opened the drawer as Corious opened the door (open drawer, open door!).

"Hey!" Bryan exclaimed. Corious stopped and turned. "I can't see a thing when you leave!"
"Blimey...that is a problem." Corious returned to the desk, "What's in there?"

They gazed into the drawer and saw some pens, a pair of scissors, paste, some empty folders, and a homemade knife.
"We can come back for any of this if we need it, I guess." Corious stated, "Come on, lets see if grandmother's home."

The two stepped cautiously out of the room into the main entryway of the house. There was a large staircase going up, a door on each side of the open hallway, and to their right was what looked like a living room.

"My grandmother's room is upstairs," Corious said, "Those two doors lead to a kitchen and storage closet, and that living room is where grandmother visits guests."

Suddenly they heard some faint laughter coming from above.
"Somebody's upstairs..."


Thursday, May 29, 2008

bobby said...

Corious should put the mood ring on to better determine how he is feeling about the current situation.

Father Cory said...

And then find a light, because it's probably dark.

"I think I'll use the mood ring to decide our next move!" Corious suddenly blurted out.
"...uhhh...what?" Bryan o_O'd him.
"It'll let me know how I'm feeling about everything, so I can make a decision based on that."

Corious slid his left-hand ring finger into the mood ring. He felt a slight tingling sensation, the ring instantly turned a shade of yellow/green, and the room began to come into focus.
"Whoa, it's getting lighter in here!" Corious said, looking over at Bryan.
Bryan's eyes were wide and he was staring at Corious.
"Dude," Bryan stammered, "You're glowing."
Corious looked down at himself. Sure enough, he was emitting light enough to fill the room like a lantern.
"Oh my grandma, that's cool!!" he exclaimed, beaming. (Get it? Beaming?)

The two looked around the room. There were two floor to ceiling bookshelves loaded with books about the magic arts and computer programming (probably belonging to Corious' grandfather when he was alive.) In the middle of the room was an empty desk with a closed drawer, a wooden chair, and a large woven oval rug. The place was dusty, and there was only one door leading out.


Mr. Jimbo

Mood Ring
of Illumination

Corious' Staff

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bobby said...

Corious should try to find another way in.

Corious paused and thought for a moment. Finally he spoke up, "Lets just check the windows first."
"Brilliant." Bryan replied semi-sarcastically.

The two guys began to check the windows, Corious on one side of the house and Bryan on the opposite side.
"These windows are all as old as 3.1, I don't think any of them can open!" Corious called out.
"Hang on....dude, come here, look at this!" Bryan called back.
Corious dashed around the house and found Bryan looking at what used to be a window.
"Did you break my grandmother's window!?"
"No, I found it this way, you knob."
"Is there some way to cover the glass so we can crawl through?"
"Use your coat."
Corious quickly took off his coat and covered the bottom of the window opening. Then, carefully, they both crawled through, into the house. The wind was blowing rain in through the opening, but the house was still fairly warm inside.

"Maybe a burglar was here before us." Bryan suggested as Corious put his coat back on, "What should we do now?"


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Elyse said...

Corious should find a battering ram.

"We need to smash the door in or something!" Corious exclaimed!
"Oh for the love..." Bryan groaned as Corious began scanning the area for something large and smashing. On the porch were two rocking chairs, and in the gardens by the house were lots of withered plants and weeds. In the grassy yard was a tree stump, and beyond that in the forest were lots of trees, some fallen, some burned, and most of them still in tact. Corious also had his staff, Mr. Jimbo, and the unidentified mood ring.

Around the side of the house was an old rusty wheelbarrow, a rake, a hoe, and two shovels, and further on was a statue of a lady whose robes were falling off. Corious covered his eyes. Bryan peeked.

"Wouldn't it be easier to smash a window?" Bryan tried to point out, but Corious replied, "Grandmother likes her windows, and this door is an impostor!"
Bryan sighed, "Well I'm getting cold. What are you going to do?"


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Father Cory said...

Corious should check the door.

Corious wiggled the door handle but it was locked and the door wouldn't budge.

"Maybe she's on vacation." Bryan decided, "Too bad. Oh well, lets go."
"Wait, hoser, I'm not done yet." Corious denied his idea and wiggled the handle some more. It was a large solid oak door, with some weird designs imprinted into it, which appeared to be some monsters battling it out. One of the monster's eyes was the glass peep-hole which allowed the inside person to see out, but not vice versa. Another thing Corious found odd was that one of the monsters appeared to be wearing a party hat.

"My grandma doesn't go on vacations, and I don't ever remember seeing these engravings on the door. I think something's up. We need to get inside." Corious stated as he ran his hand across the door's engravings.
"So, she got a new door, no big deal. Maybe she's just sleeping. Lets just go." Bryan motioned back towards the forest.
What does Corious do?



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Knick said...

Corius should accept quest.

Father Cory said...


"Oh very well, I'll escort you." Corious said. It wasn't like he had anything to do anyway and secretly he was excited that his life now had a purpose.
"Oh very well, I'll escort you." Corious said again.
"You already said that." Bryan replied confusedly.
"Oh yeah. Just making sure you ummm...caught it the first time."

After gathering up his things (Mr. Jimbo, his new unidentified mood ring, and a staff he'd made himself), Corious and Sir Bryan headed out the door and into the woods to grandmother's house. ...I mean Mosius Lake.

Suddenly Corious turned and asked, "Do you mind if we stop at my grandmother's house first?"
"Grandmother? I didn't see her house on the map."
"I have it listed as 'Scary house! =('"
"I just think it'd be nice to have some of her cookies for our journey."
"Fine, we'll stop at your grandmother's house."

The two walked on until finally they broke out of the woods into a clearing. Looking up, Bryan noticed the sun was gone and now it was dark and stormy. There was rain and thunder and lightning too! Suddenly, the lightning cracked above them and in the flash, Bryan saw the haunting silhouette of a tremendous house standing before them.
"Well, here we are!" Corious stated cheerfully.
They walked up to the door...
What does Corious do?


Mr. Jimbo

Unidentified Mood Ring

Corious' Staff

New member has been added to the Characters List!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bethany said...

corious should consult a map

"Lets see, Mosius Lake. I might have a map in the house." Corious said, opening the door and going inside.
"I'm not so good with maps..." Bryan pointed out.
"Oh it's easy, I made it myself!" Corious opened a drawer and took out a large roll of paper. Then he laid it on a table and unrolled it, revealing a poorly drawn map done with color crayons.
"See, we're here, and Mosius Lake is over here..." Corious pointed at his crude drawing.
"Uhhh...You know, it'd sure be a lot easier if you'd just take me there yourself." Bryan replied.
What does Corious do?


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Father Cory said...

Corious should say hello, then check the yard for other items.

"Hello!" Corious said as he began scanning his yard. He usually kept it fairly clean, seeing as how there wasn't a lot else to do when he wasn't playing Joust.

"So umm...My name is Sir Bryan," The guy at the door said, "I was wandering through the forest pretending to be chasing a gang of hosers, but I seem to have gotten lost. I was wondering if you might direct me back to the village of Mosius Lake? ...What are you doing?"

He stared as Corious roamed around gazing down at the grass. Suddenly Corious gasped, bent down, and picked up something that glistened in the sunlight.
"Cool, a mood ring!" Corious exclaimed, and then instantly, he burst into an inferno of blue flames.
Sir Bryan jumped, "You're on f*re!!"
"Oh yeah, I ate that gumstick of poning 'cause I thought you might be one of my mortal enemies." Corious stated.
"It's pronounced pwn." Bryan corrected him.
"No, it's pon."
"It's pwn."
"I once new a wise old Gryphon who told me it was pon." Corious was adamant.
"Well, he was wrong." Bryan was adamant too.
"The gum wrapper even said 'pon' on it. I'd show you but I ate that too."
"The wrapper was wrong."
The argument ended when the blue flames turned white and Corious began to hover in midair.
"I should probably do something about this before I burn the entire forest down." Corious said, and proceeded to spin in a circle and then fling his arm up towards the horizon. The entirety of the flames f*red (lol) off into the distance, heading for a large mountain, and in just a moment, the two could make out a faint explosion at its peak. Corious thumped back to the ground.
"So," Bryan reverted back, "Mosius Lake?"
What does Corious do?


Mr. Jimbo

Unidentified Mood Ring

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Charhead said...

Shove Gumstick of Pwning™ in mouth (without removing wrapper) and run wildly out an open window, turning in mid-air to behold whatever might have knocked on the door.

Without hesitating, Corious quickly shoves the piece of wrapped up gum into his mouth and bites down. There's a minty fresh pwning sensation as he flings open his front window and leaps out with cat-like grace (for a cat with 2 legs perhaps). Spinning around in the air, Corious notices a tall awkward guy with dark hair and sideburns standing at the front door. After crashing to the ground, Corious stands up painfully and notices that the guy (who is now gazing in Corious' direction) is wearing some ridiculous form of superhero outfit.

"Uhhh....Hey!" The guy waves a hand.
What does Corious do!?


Mr. Jimbo