Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bobby said...

Corious should try to find another way in.

Corious paused and thought for a moment. Finally he spoke up, "Lets just check the windows first."
"Brilliant." Bryan replied semi-sarcastically.

The two guys began to check the windows, Corious on one side of the house and Bryan on the opposite side.
"These windows are all as old as 3.1, I don't think any of them can open!" Corious called out.
"Hang on....dude, come here, look at this!" Bryan called back.
Corious dashed around the house and found Bryan looking at what used to be a window.
"Did you break my grandmother's window!?"
"No, I found it this way, you knob."
"Is there some way to cover the glass so we can crawl through?"
"Use your coat."
Corious quickly took off his coat and covered the bottom of the window opening. Then, carefully, they both crawled through, into the house. The wind was blowing rain in through the opening, but the house was still fairly warm inside.

"Maybe a burglar was here before us." Bryan suggested as Corious put his coat back on, "What should we do now?"



bobby said...

Corious should put the mood ring on to better determine how he is feeling about the current situation.

Father Cory said...

And then find a light, because it's probably dark.