Monday, May 19, 2008

Bethany said...

corious should consult a map

"Lets see, Mosius Lake. I might have a map in the house." Corious said, opening the door and going inside.
"I'm not so good with maps..." Bryan pointed out.
"Oh it's easy, I made it myself!" Corious opened a drawer and took out a large roll of paper. Then he laid it on a table and unrolled it, revealing a poorly drawn map done with color crayons.
"See, we're here, and Mosius Lake is over here..." Corious pointed at his crude drawing.
"Uhhh...You know, it'd sure be a lot easier if you'd just take me there yourself." Bryan replied.
What does Corious do?



Knick said...

Corius should accept quest.

Father Cory said...