Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Knick said...

Corius should accept quest.

Father Cory said...


"Oh very well, I'll escort you." Corious said. It wasn't like he had anything to do anyway and secretly he was excited that his life now had a purpose.
"Oh very well, I'll escort you." Corious said again.
"You already said that." Bryan replied confusedly.
"Oh yeah. Just making sure you ummm...caught it the first time."

After gathering up his things (Mr. Jimbo, his new unidentified mood ring, and a staff he'd made himself), Corious and Sir Bryan headed out the door and into the woods to grandmother's house. ...I mean Mosius Lake.

Suddenly Corious turned and asked, "Do you mind if we stop at my grandmother's house first?"
"Grandmother? I didn't see her house on the map."
"I have it listed as 'Scary house! =('"
"I just think it'd be nice to have some of her cookies for our journey."
"Fine, we'll stop at your grandmother's house."

The two walked on until finally they broke out of the woods into a clearing. Looking up, Bryan noticed the sun was gone and now it was dark and stormy. There was rain and thunder and lightning too! Suddenly, the lightning cracked above them and in the flash, Bryan saw the haunting silhouette of a tremendous house standing before them.
"Well, here we are!" Corious stated cheerfully.
They walked up to the door...
What does Corious do?


Mr. Jimbo

Unidentified Mood Ring

Corious' Staff

New member has been added to the Characters List!

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Father Cory said...

Corious should check the door.