Thursday, September 11, 2008

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Knick said...

They should inquire about the mage, a place to stay, the dark, heroic trenchcoat to flap dramatically in the breeze, and the computer.

second_clone said...

They should attempt to take a rubbing of the door carving.

second_clone said...

They should also inquire about the identity of the silhouetted figure.

Corious, Bryan, and Grandpa Charlie entered into the shop. It had grown dark enough outside that their eyes needed no time to adjust to the dimly lit room. Their host was dressed in a robe as if he was about to go to bed, and he had turned his back on them when they came in. Walking over to a table, back still turned, he began to light a lantern as he spoke, "What brings you here at this time of night, good sirs?"
"My name is Corious Millerson," Corious replied, "My friends and I just arrived in town and need a place to stay the night. Somebody said you could help. We were also told we might find a mage here to aid us in our quest, and finally, I'd like to access a computer if I can, and my friend would like to get a trench coat if you sell those here."
The man got the lantern burning, and lifted it up off the table, "You seek the mage?"
"Yes, we'd like to speak with him."
"Well," The man turned to face them, "You're talking to the right guy!" he grinned, whipping up a pair of jazz hands; the lantern flicking from the motion. Corious, Bryan, and Grandpa Charlie stared at him. "Well you sure got here fast!" Corious said, "Where's the mage?"
"That's me!"
"You're the mage?"
"I'm the mage."
"A musical mage?" Bryan smirked.
"Don't forget the juggling!" The mage replied.
There was silence for a moment. Bryan was still smirking, Grandpa Charlie was starting to doze off, and Corious finally laughed and said, "Well, Mr. Odious, we need to talk."

After a while, they had given a run through of their story and how they were trying to retrieve Corious' grandmother. Mel the Musical Mage sat back at the end and paused to think for a moment. His face was solemn. His humorous joking manner was gone as he sat and stared at the floor, his chin resting between his thumb and index finger. "Well," he said quietly, "You're talking to the right guy." He glanced up and quickly shook a couple of pathetically sober jazz hands before going back to his thoughtful pose.
"You're not very encouraging." Bryan said. Grandpa Charlie was asleep by this time, so he didn't have anything to say. "I'm sorry," Mel replied, "But I myself haven't had the best encounters with the kidnappers you're after." He leaned forward in his chair and clasped his hands together, "They came into our village one night, silent as ghosts. Somebody spotted them and began to make a ruckus for reasons I don't know, but it must have been obvious that the invaders were up to no good. Anyway, by the time I awoke, my wife as gone from our room, along with various other people from the village. The invaders scattered instantly and were gone without a trace like vapor into the air. All that was left were markings on our doors."
"We saw those on the door of my grandparent's house too!" Corious stated, "But there were two monsters. I only saw one on your door."
"Hmmm," Mel went on, "I don't understand any of it, myself. I've searched for my wife for months, but we have nothing to go off of. No trace of the invaders. Search parties have gone out countless times and retrieved nothing. I've about given up hope. Only my songs keep my spirits up now."

They sat in silence for a bit until Mel finally said he was tired and needed to sleep. He showed them to the guest rooms and then went to his own room for the night. Before going to bed, however, Corious found a sheet of paper (hoping it wasn't some weird mage's cursed magical sheet of paper that would eventually bring doom upon them), whipped out their writing utensils (from their inventory, silly!) and went outside to get a rubbing of the carving on the door for future reference. Afterwards, he shoved it into one of their folders (from their inventory, silly!) and was about to shut the door when he noticed something move outside across the street. It spotted him staring and dashed into the black alleyway.


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Friday, September 5, 2008

Knick said...

They should casually question strangers about the whereabouts of this mage...after Bryan finds a trenchcoat to purchase.

bobby said...
They should try to avoid any shady dealers in the streets.

Father Cory
Also, Corious should find a laptop and update his blog. He is, after all, keeping a log of his journey!

second_clone said...

They should play a quick game of duck duck goose to unwind a bit.

The three adventurers entered into the town streets, illuminated by the colorful glows of shop lanterns and street lights, and made their way along, brushing past people and trying to keep an eye out for any sign of this mage guy. ...and Brian kept his other eye out for any place that might sell coats.
As they moved along, Corious spotted three people approaching, out of the corner of his eye. "Hey," He nudged his companions, "We've got company."
They all looked over their shoulders and saw the on-comers, each cloaked in a black robe, darkness overshadowing their faces, moving ominously forward like a cloud of black fog rising against a night sky. "Characters don't get much shadier than that!" Bryan said.
The cloaked people arrived and asked, "Hey buddies--Wanna buy some WEAPONS!?" as they suddenly flung open their cloaks, revealing first of all, the fact that they all had on really ugly red and yellow pinstriped pants, and also that their coats were full of some disastrous homemade axes, swords, and pikes thrown together with things like broom handles, shovel heads, and wheat cutting blades. "Finely crafted to perfection by ancient masters in the arts of fighting. You can't get this stuff in stores, man!"
Corious, Bryan, and Grandpa Charlie stared.
Finally Bryan spoke up, "Isn't that stuff heavy?" "Aye," said the slimmest shady, "That's why we want to hurry up and sell them. You try lugging this junk...I mean fine merchandise around town all night!"
Corious interrupted, "Listen fellas, we'd love to make you an offer, but we're ummm...trying to listen to our friend here play his songs." He motioned over to a minstrel playing his guitar a short distance in front of them. "So, if you'll please excuse us, this is my favorite song."
The shady characters walked away shrouded in a dark gloom of black darkness, as Corious, Bryan, and Grandpa Charlie joined the small group of people gathered around the street performer. He was quite talented, and once, he even began juggling some rubber balls with his feet while playing his guitar, singing, and keeping beat with little tiny cymbals on sticks protruding from his waist as he rocked his body from side to side. The group lost track of time as they watched him, and the shop lights began to go out one by one. The streets began to clear and grow emptier as people headed home, and finally when the minstrel's audience had decided to leave as well, he began packing up his things.
Corious realized then, that they hadn't yet found a mage, a coat, nor arranged for a place to stay the night, and this minstrel was the only one who wasn't yet making his way home. Corious approached him, "You're a fine guitarist!" He started in. "Thank you, sir." the musician replied, looking up from his guitar packing, "And who might you be?" "Corious Millerson; I've just arrived here with a couple friends of mine." The minstrel bounced up and shook his hand, "Good to know ya, Corious! Odious is my name, Mel Odious." "Ha!" Bryan laughed from behind.
"Well anyway," Corious went on, "We were informed there's a mage here who could help us with something, and also, we kind of need a place to stay the night. And ALSO, my friend wants a trench coat, and I'd like to access a computer if you have those here."
"You're talking to the right guy!" Mel grinned, whipping up a pair of jazz hands, "I know just how to help! Go five shops down this street and knock this rhythm on the door with the picture carved on it." He tapped out a rhythm with one of the cymbals. "That's his off duty knock so he'll answer the door, and I'm sure he won't mind if you stay the night at his place. Furthermore, he might even be able to meet your requests as far as a coat and a computer are concerned!"
Corious expressed his gratitude and was about to leave when Mel stopped him, "Say! Would you mind playing a quick game of duck duck goose with me? I've got a bet made with a friend; he doesn't believe I can get some random people off the street to play with me."
The three guys stared at him.
"Alright, never mind, just thought I'd ask."

They made their way on down the cobblestone road until they came to the shop. It was the only one with a light still on. They walked up and Corious suddenly froze, "Bryan--look at the door." They all stopped and gazed at the carving on the door. It was the snake monster with the party hat, which the two lads had found on the door of Corious' grandparents house earlier. They hesitated but Corious finally stepped forward, "Maybe we'll finally get some answers here." he said and knocked the rhythm on the door. Not but a moment later, it creaked open and a figure peaked his head out, silhouetted by the dim lights inside the shop.

"Come on in, gentlemen."

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