Sunday, May 25, 2008

Father Cory said...

Corious should check the door.

Corious wiggled the door handle but it was locked and the door wouldn't budge.

"Maybe she's on vacation." Bryan decided, "Too bad. Oh well, lets go."
"Wait, hoser, I'm not done yet." Corious denied his idea and wiggled the handle some more. It was a large solid oak door, with some weird designs imprinted into it, which appeared to be some monsters battling it out. One of the monster's eyes was the glass peep-hole which allowed the inside person to see out, but not vice versa. Another thing Corious found odd was that one of the monsters appeared to be wearing a party hat.

"My grandma doesn't go on vacations, and I don't ever remember seeing these engravings on the door. I think something's up. We need to get inside." Corious stated as he ran his hand across the door's engravings.
"So, she got a new door, no big deal. Maybe she's just sleeping. Lets just go." Bryan motioned back towards the forest.
What does Corious do?



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Elyse said...

Corious should find a battering ram.