Thursday, May 15, 2008

Father Cory said...

Corious should say hello, then check the yard for other items.

"Hello!" Corious said as he began scanning his yard. He usually kept it fairly clean, seeing as how there wasn't a lot else to do when he wasn't playing Joust.

"So umm...My name is Sir Bryan," The guy at the door said, "I was wandering through the forest pretending to be chasing a gang of hosers, but I seem to have gotten lost. I was wondering if you might direct me back to the village of Mosius Lake? ...What are you doing?"

He stared as Corious roamed around gazing down at the grass. Suddenly Corious gasped, bent down, and picked up something that glistened in the sunlight.
"Cool, a mood ring!" Corious exclaimed, and then instantly, he burst into an inferno of blue flames.
Sir Bryan jumped, "You're on f*re!!"
"Oh yeah, I ate that gumstick of poning 'cause I thought you might be one of my mortal enemies." Corious stated.
"It's pronounced pwn." Bryan corrected him.
"No, it's pon."
"It's pwn."
"I once new a wise old Gryphon who told me it was pon." Corious was adamant.
"Well, he was wrong." Bryan was adamant too.
"The gum wrapper even said 'pon' on it. I'd show you but I ate that too."
"The wrapper was wrong."
The argument ended when the blue flames turned white and Corious began to hover in midair.
"I should probably do something about this before I burn the entire forest down." Corious said, and proceeded to spin in a circle and then fling his arm up towards the horizon. The entirety of the flames f*red (lol) off into the distance, heading for a large mountain, and in just a moment, the two could make out a faint explosion at its peak. Corious thumped back to the ground.
"So," Bryan reverted back, "Mosius Lake?"
What does Corious do?


Mr. Jimbo

Unidentified Mood Ring

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Bethany said...

cory should consult a map