Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Charhead said...

Shove Gumstick of Pwning™ in mouth (without removing wrapper) and run wildly out an open window, turning in mid-air to behold whatever might have knocked on the door.

Without hesitating, Corious quickly shoves the piece of wrapped up gum into his mouth and bites down. There's a minty fresh pwning sensation as he flings open his front window and leaps out with cat-like grace (for a cat with 2 legs perhaps). Spinning around in the air, Corious notices a tall awkward guy with dark hair and sideburns standing at the front door. After crashing to the ground, Corious stands up painfully and notices that the guy (who is now gazing in Corious' direction) is wearing some ridiculous form of superhero outfit.

"Uhhh....Hey!" The guy waves a hand.
What does Corious do!?


Mr. Jimbo


Father Cory said...


Father Cory said...


Corious should say hello, then check the yard for other items.