Thursday, May 29, 2008

bobby said...

Corious should put the mood ring on to better determine how he is feeling about the current situation.

Father Cory said...

And then find a light, because it's probably dark.

"I think I'll use the mood ring to decide our next move!" Corious suddenly blurted out.
"...uhhh...what?" Bryan o_O'd him.
"It'll let me know how I'm feeling about everything, so I can make a decision based on that."

Corious slid his left-hand ring finger into the mood ring. He felt a slight tingling sensation, the ring instantly turned a shade of yellow/green, and the room began to come into focus.
"Whoa, it's getting lighter in here!" Corious said, looking over at Bryan.
Bryan's eyes were wide and he was staring at Corious.
"Dude," Bryan stammered, "You're glowing."
Corious looked down at himself. Sure enough, he was emitting light enough to fill the room like a lantern.
"Oh my grandma, that's cool!!" he exclaimed, beaming. (Get it? Beaming?)

The two looked around the room. There were two floor to ceiling bookshelves loaded with books about the magic arts and computer programming (probably belonging to Corious' grandfather when he was alive.) In the middle of the room was an empty desk with a closed drawer, a wooden chair, and a large woven oval rug. The place was dusty, and there was only one door leading out.


Mr. Jimbo

Mood Ring
of Illumination

Corious' Staff


Bobby said...

Corious should look for his Grandma while Bryan looks in the closed drawer.

second_clone said...

Bryan should check underneath the oval rug for some random reason.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Dear sir or ma'am. It'd be handy for you to keep up with the times, 'cause they aren't in this house anymore. You might want to comment on the latest post. ;)