Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Welcome to Tales of Corious Millerson!

This is a game where everybody can participate and where you shape the story! For instance, if Corious is in a room with a box, you might say “lick box”, “pick up box”, or anything in between. You can even leave the room, if there is an exit that way! Some base rules:

Only Brian narrates. It’s his story. You just give commands in the comments section.
GOOD: Walk through the green door.
BAD: Corious walks through green door, and finds that he catches his shoelace, So he bends down and gives it a tug.

No deciding the consequences to actions. My story. Not yours.
GOOD: Open the box.
BAD: Open the box and find a gun.

No if/then statements or macros. They make you miss important stuff. Making creative macros to solve puzzles with mass trial and error is cheating.
GOOD: Is the key in the door?
BAD: If there’s a key in the door, open it. Otherwise, find a key then open it.

Some of the following posts will be game sections, such as character info, lobby area(s), etc. Then the game shall begin. Also, I'm the Dungeon Master (in a manner of speaking) so anything I say goes. Disagreements between contributers (you) will be left to chance (I'll roll to see who wins the dispute). All fights (attacks and such) will be chance too. I'll only control character stats and things. That's all for now!

P.S. This game should remain pretty lighthearted. HAVE FUN WITH IT, HOSERS! =D
P.S.2 But be careful...characters CAN die. Resurrection might be possible too.
P.S.3 PLAY!! I don't care if you're afraid to contribute or think you're uncreative, just give commands anyway. Don't take any of this too seriously. ;)

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