Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bobby said...

Corious should find out the source of the laughter with Bryan cowardly following behind.

Father Cory said...

...with a f*replace poker.

I'LL be the one deciding who's cowardly thank you very much!! *scowl*
"Sshhhh...hang on while I go grab a f*replace poker from the living room..." Corious instructed as he began to sneak around the corner.
"Hey, I can't see!" Bryan exclaimed in a whisper and followed him in.
Once the poker was in hand, Bryan made a lame joke about Corious having a nice poker hand, and the two walked stealthily to the stair case. Then up, up, up, with Corious leading and Bryan following coweringly behind. As they proceeded cautiously, they could hear the laughter growing louder as the distance decreased. Finally they could tell it was coming from inside Corious' grandmother's room.

Corious slowly peeked around the corner for just a moment, and then jumped back with a fright.
"Who is it!?" Bryan whispered.
"I don't believe it..." Corious was wide-eyed and breathing heavy.
Corious looked again and then stepped into the open doorway to face the person inside, "Grandpa Charlie!?"

"Well hello, my boy!" Grandfather said cheerfully once Corious and Bryan had stepped into the room. He was swaying two and fro in his rocking chair.
"I thought you were dead, how is this possible?" Corious inquired, "Where's grandma? What's going on?"
"She didn't believe me," Grandpa Charlie replied, "I tried many times to tell her, but she didn't believe me."
"Believe what?"
"That I wasn't seeing visions! I told her it was all real!"
"WHAT was real?? Where is she?"
"She's gone now, they took her away."
"Those vermin from the underground tunnels. The same ones who took me all those years ago. But I escaped! They couldn't keep me down once I got a hold of my Wizard's Bag of Tricks™!"
"Grandpa, you're not a wizard." Corious groaned as if he had argued the matter over many times before.
"No time to argue, lad, we'd best be on our way to save your old grandma!"

Grandpa Charlie stood up out of the rocking chair, grabbed his staff and scurried out of the room.
Bryan pointed to the swaying chair, "Look," he said, "It appears as though your grandpa's off his rocker."
Corious didn't laugh.
"So," Bryan coughed, "What should we do?"


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Father Cory said...

They should follow Grandpa Chuck, but be wary about the spiral stairs.

bobby said...

and take the pens and empty files from the desk.