Monday, June 30, 2008

Elyse said...

Corious and company should march to the house, while looking for escape routes.

bobby said...

With Bryan being terribly distracted by the good looks of the girl.

Knick said...

corious should hide the mood ring inside mr. jimbo so that it doesn't get taken from them

Everybody walked out of the shed and squinted in the light of the sun. To their left was a small blue house partially built into the side of a steep hill. They began walking and Corious leaned over to Bryan and whispered, "Keep an eye out for an escape route. Give me a nudge if you see one."
"Huh? Oh uhh...sure thing." Bryan replied, gazing over his shoulder at the girl behind them. She was quite stunning, with dark hair and dark features. She looked like the type of girl who could conquer the world someday.
Corious pulled the ring off his finger and his glow faded away, though no one could tell in the bright sunlight. Then he looked for a place to hide it in Mr. Jimbo, but there were no openings. He tied it to Jimbo's neck ribbon instead, and tucked it in so it couldn't be seen. Then he glanced around for a getaway.

They were in a grassy meadow surrounded by enormous tree on all sides. Some of the trees must have been about 70 to 100 feet tall. There were no paths leading anywhere, but the forest was open enough that you could run through it in any direction. From deeper within the woods, Corious could faintly hear the sound of moving water, and oddly enough, that's all he heard. There were no birds, no crickets, no other noises at all.

They got to the house and went inside. There was light coming in the windows at the front, but in the back where the house was swallowed up by the hillside, it was dark and hard to make things out until their eyes could adjust. For now, they could see that it was just an ordinary looking house.

"Have a seat." The girl said commandingly to the guys, "I'll be right back. Don't bother trying to run away, I've got traps set all over the forest. You won't make it past them all." And with that, she walked into the darkness, headed down some stairs and the three fellows were left alone.

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bobby said...

Corious should ask Grandpa Charlie why he has been so suspiciously quiet.

Knick said...

then look around for helpful items.

Bobby said...


Father Cory said...

And Brian should have a muffin.