Monday, June 23, 2008

bobby said...

Bryan should use a cheesy pick-up line on the girl while Grandpa Charlie attempts some kind of defensive spell.

The fellows were all taken aback by the girl before them, swaying the gun barrel to and fro between the three of them. She looked very serious, and her trigger finger twitched.
"I've had quite enough of you fiends," she shouted, "Coming in here and using my father's inventions as you please!"
The girl, though her expression was very hard and set to kill, was quite lovely. As a result, Bryan was the first to blurt anything out, "Wowza, did we teleport to heaven, 'cause I think I see an angel!"

There was an ear-splitting bang and Bryan fell over backwards. Corious and Grandpa Charlie about jumped out of their skin. Bryan raised his head and looked down at the steaming hole in his pant leg. It was just a warning shot.
Grandpa Charlie suddenly felt a need to protect the "youngin's" and decided to activate his defensive maneuvers against the gun.
"By the forces of nature," He began to wave his arms around awkwardly, "I summon my spell of bullet repelling energy fields!"
There was a bizarre vorpal sound and four pumpkins suddenly fell from the ceiling.
"Hmmm," Charlie scratched his head, "I must've done the motions wrong."

"All of you!" The girl shouted and motioned with her gun, "Come out of there! To the house! March!"



Elyse said...

Corious and company should march to the house, while looking for escape routes.

bobby said...

With Bryan being terribly distracted by the good looks of the girl.

hm...there doesn't seem to be anything helpful in the inventory. =/

Knick said...

corious should hide the mood ring inside mr. jimbo so that it doesn't get taken from them

Elyse said...

aaaaaaaaaaaand Brian should post.