Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father Cory said...

Corious should flip the never know what might jump out of the electricity.

Knick said...

Then he should look for instructions for the machine.

bobby said...

Bryan should try to convince Corious that it is really unnecessary to read instructions.
Then ask Grandpa Charlie if he knows what's going on.

"What about the lever?" Corious stepped forward and flipped it down. The machine began to hum louder and light up, until the entire room was pitch white. ..err snow white that is. Then, silent blackness again as their eyes readjusted to the dark and the dim glow of the machine's orb.

"There have got to be instructions around here somewhere..."
Bryan coughed, "ummm...girls read instructions, Corious."
"Do you always pretend to be manly?"
Bryan coughed again and turned to the old man in the doorway, "What do you make of this, Mr. Charlie sir?"

The old man stroked his beard, squinted, and raised a hand as if speculating about great and profound thoughts, "It's either a moose executer or a transportation device. The first time I was brought through here, I was blindfolded. When I came back I was nearly unconscious. However, I remember those familiar humming sounds. I suggest one of you lads get it going, pull the lever, and step inside."

"I vote the all manly Bryan." Corious pointed.
Bryan rolled his eyes and reluctantly accepted.
The button was pressed, Bryan entered the ring, and the lever was flipped.
A growing hum.
A flash of light.
Eyes refocused in the darkness.
Bryan was gone.


About two minutes later, the machine began to hum again, on its own, and there was another flash of light. Suddenly Bryan reappeared on the platform. His face was bleeding and his front side was covered in dirt.
Corious' face lit up with excitement, "What happened!? Did you get in a fight? Are there enemies on the other side??"
"No, I fell off the platform."
Corious groaned and Charlie suppressed his wise old laughter.
Bryan ignored his own agitation and suggested they all step in.

Another button, another lever, another flash.
When their eyes refocused, they found themselves in another dirt room, this time with walls and a ceiling of wood. There were gardening tools strewn about, and some old paint cans in the corner.
"Are we in a shed?"

All of a sudden the front door was ripped open and a girl stood silhouetted with a gun in her hands, pointed straight at the Grandmother Rescue Society™.


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bobby said...

Bryan should use a cheesy pick-up line on the girl while Grandpa Charlie attempts some kind of defensive spell.