Friday, June 6, 2008

Father Cory said...

They should follow Grandpa Chuck, but be wary about the spiral stairs.

bobby said...

and take the pens and empty files from the desk.

"Come on," Corious and Bryan dashed out the door and followed Charlie, taking care not to fall down the stairs (although Bryan slid down the banister.)

Before following him into the living room, Bryan stopped Corious, "I'm going to grab some pens and files from the drawer in there real fast."
Corious gave him a quizzical glance, "uhh...why?"
"I don't know, maybe I'll need to write a letter to my mom and tell her why I was late for dinner tonight."
Corious shook his head and walked into the living room. Grandpa Charlie was moving furniture and lifting up the rug in the middle of the room.
"Grandpa, it'd sure be nice if you'd explain what it is we're doing."
"Don't be silly, lad!" Charlie said, throwing the heavy carpet aside, "They've got my wife! We have to rescue her!"
"Yes, but who are 'they'?"
Bryan suddenly appeared around the corner with the contents from the drawer, and then stopped and stared as Grandpa began to knock on the wooden floor.
"Hideous creatures like you've never seen!" Grandpa found a hollow spot and began to rip the floorboards out, throwing them aside.

Not but a moment later, the boards were gone, revealing a tunnel beneath the house.
"Follow me!" Grandpa Charlie exclaimed, jumping into the hole. Bryan and Corious looked up at each other and sighed once again.

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bobby said...

I guess there isn't anything left to do except go down the hole.

Father Cory said...

And discard the f*repoker.

Knick said...

Cory should throw Mr. Jimbo down first as a test.

bobby said...

Who is this Cory?