Thursday, July 10, 2008

bobby said...

Corious should ask Grandpa Charlie why he has been so suspiciously quiet.

Knick said...

then look around for helpful items.

Father Cory said...

And Bryan should have a muffin.

They all sat down and Corious looked over at his grandpa. He was staring at the wall.
"Grandpa Charlie," Corious said, "You haven't said much--what are you thinking about?"
Grandpa Charlie snapped out of his daze and looked over at his inquirer, "Pinochle!" he replied.
"Your grandpa was always amazing at Pinochle. It seemed like she'd shoot the moon 2 or 3 times every game, even if she didn't have a great hand. She'd always....shoot the moon..."
Bryan and Corious stared at Grandpa Charlie as he gazed down wistfully at the floor. Finally Corious spoke up again, "Well! I'm going to have a look around." and he raised to his feet and walked towards the back of the house.
"Hey," Bryan called to him, "If you find any muffins, let me know, I'm starving!"
"You like muffins?" Corious called back.
"I'll uhhh.....let you know."

In the dimly lit part of the house, Corious quietly roamed around, shifting his eyes from place to place. Scanning the area, he found some candles, some books, a pair of glasses, a couple kitchen knives, a green hat, two swords mounted on the wall, and a broom. The broom probably hadn't been used much because there was a lot of dust on everything and the floor wasn't all that clean.

Suddenly they heard footsteps tromping up the stairs.

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Knick said...

Corius should ask Grandpa Charlie if he meant that his GRANDMA was always amazing at pinochle.

and pilfer a couple of knives

Anonymous said...

He should also take a look at the books and see what they are. They may have useful information.