Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Knick said...Corius should ask Grandpa Charlie if he meant that his GRANDMA was always amazing at pinochle.

Jason said...He should also take a look at the books and see what they are. They may have useful information.

Corious spoke over his shoulder to his grandpa as he quickly perused the book collection, "So ummm...you just said 'my grandpa' was amazing at Pinochle, but I'm going to assume you meant Grandma."
"Huh?" His grandpa continued to stare at the floor, "Yes, she was quite amazing."
Bryan began to snicker, "So you guys have tried a lotta Pinochle, but have you ever tried a Pinochle-lotta?" Corious groaned as Bryan burst into laughter and grandpa sat, paying no attention. Corious had just enough time to scan the books and vaguely read off some titles. Most of them were history books about lands and people, and there were also a few that looked like they might be journals. That was all he saw before the girl arrived at the top of the stairs and swung the gun barrel right at his face.
"In the chair, NOW!!"
Corious obeyed and hastily retreated to the others, where he had a seat.
"Not a movement now," she approached the three of them, gun still raised, "My father will be up soon."

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Knick said...

Yeah, pretty much the only thing that happens here is Bryan hitting on the girl. Not much else is possible.

Father Cory said...


Again :P