Tuesday, June 10, 2008

bobby said...

I guess there isn't anything left to do except go down the hole.

Father Cory said...

And discard the f*repoker.

Knick said...

Cor[ious] should throw Mr. Jimbo down first as a test.

"Well, lets go down, eh!" Bryan said and moved toward the hole.
"Wait..." Corious motioned him to stop. Then he set down his f*re poker and got out his stuffed green man, "We'll send down Mr. Jimbo first to see if it's safe."
Bryan gave him a weird look but went along with it. He stood back as Corious leaned over the hole and held out Mr. Jimbo for a moment. Then Corious dropped him in and waited a couple seconds..



"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Corious screamed and jumped back!
"WHAT!??" Bryan shouted after having a near heart attack.
"Heh, nothing, I'm just kidding. It's fine." Corious mused and jumped into the hole. Inside, Bryan dropped down after him, muttering something under his breath, and they looked around by the light of Corious' mood ring's illumination. Further into the tunnel, they could faintly make out that the dirt and rocks turned into a more structured hall of wooden beams and a stone tiled walkway.
"Your grandpa didn't waste any time, did he?"
"We'd better hurry." Corious dashed down the tunnel, lighting the way before them. Bryan followed close behind.

After a few minutes of running, which Corious guessed put them underneath the forest area just past where he hurt his knee as a kid, the finally ran into Grandpa Charlie. He was standing at the opening of a room, staring into the blackness.
"Can he see in the dark?" Bryan asked, panting.
"He thinks he can." Corious replied and then called out to the old man, "Grandpa, what's in there?"
Charlie beckoned them forward with a wave. They walked up and peered into the room.

Bryan, trying to come up with something witty to say, uttered the most profound thing he could think of, "...dude."
Corious replied, staring blankly ahead, "...yeah."

Grandpa Charlie stepped into the round room and walked up to the machine in the center. It was a circle of railings, surrounding a metal platform on the floor. Above that in the ceiling was a long metallic stalag tight shape coming down with a faintly glowing orb attached to the end.
Nearby was a console with a few buttons and a lever on its slanted top.


Mr. Jimbo

Mood Ring
of Illumination

Corious' Staff

Writing Utensils


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bobby said...

Bryan should push the red button.