Thursday, July 17, 2008

Knick said...

Yeah, pretty much the only thing that happens here is Bryan hitting on the girl. Not much else is possible.

Father Cory said...


Again :P

They sat there in awkward silence for just a moment until Bryan (who was grinning at the girl the entire time) finally broke--nay shattered it, "So is it hot in here or is it just you?"
The girl stared at him.
"err...Just kidding." He hesitantly laughed.
"Oh thanks!"
"I mean...not that you're not, I just...uhhh...So you said your name's Jennifer?"
"I never told you my name."
"Oh. Is it Jennifer?"
"Oh. I figured. You're prettier than all the Jennifers I know."

Corious expected the girl to shoot Bryan in the foot any minute now--not that he hadn't shot himself there enough already--but to his surprise, the girl half smiled almost amusedly and the gun lowered just a tad.
"My name is Monique," she said, "Monique Sharma."
"Aww, Monique. That was my next guess." Bryan replied nodding.

Suddenly they heard footsteps, and a moment later, her father walked into the room wielding a gun of his own. "I've had it up to here with you people!" He shouted, "Always sneaking onto my land trying to get your slimy hands on my inventions! I oughtta just..." He stopped suddenly when he saw the three sitting there. He was staring at Grandpa Charlie. "Hey," He said, "You look awfully familiar..."
Grandpa Charlie looked up at him and said, "Can't say the feeling's mutual."
The man raised a finger up to his own eyes and from his perspective, he held it across Grandpa Charlie's eyes like a visor or a mask.
"Yes," He said, "I've seen you. You were blindfolded. They were taking you somewhere!"
The seated fellows' faces all brightened with relief as the man lowered his gun.
"Are these two with you?" he asked. Grandpa Charlie nodded. "Well any enemy of my enemies is a friend of mine. Come into the living room and tell me how you got here."


A while later, seated in the living room, they finally finished explaining their story. The man was very approving and asked if there was anything he could do to help them out.

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Father Cory said...

They should ask the old man's name and story. Then ask for some food or a Dr. Pepper.

Knick said...

they should also ask if there is an accomplished mage nearby that they might be able to hire.

second_clone said...

Grandpa Charlie should try to summon a bloodhound to aid them in the search.

Knick said...

Perhaps Bryan should ask for some deodorant so he can freshen up a bit.

Knick said...

And perhaps they should not sit there in the living room for too much longer. Just a thought.