Friday, August 22, 2008

The admin lacks the discipline to keep this thing updated, but hopes to press on even if it takes 2-3 weeks for one lousy update.

Knick said...

perhaps they should seek this mage in the southerly direction. and they should skip to his house while holding hands.

bobby said...

Or take the teleporter to the village.

Father Cory said...

And Bryan should check his pockets again for anything useful. Then put on a trench coat.

Knick said...

yes, a long, dark trench coat, perhaps one that would flap heroically in the breeze.

After eating, they decided to plan out the next course of action as they remained seated around the table. Monique began, "Outside of trip wires and buried traps, I've got a lot of trained animals living in the forest. When traveling in groups, the code to get by undevoured is to skip through while holding hands."
The three travelers stared at her in silence until Corious asked the question on all their minds, ".....what?"
"Look, it's the first thing that came to me at the time, and I knew it would be something nobody would think to do."
"...Or," Vladimir started in, and the three guys immediately turned and fixed their gaze on him, hoping desperately that he would have better plan. "You could teleport to the town. My only concern would be--when warping to another teleport, there's nothing to it, but when you're teleporting to a location that doesn't have a receiving teleport, you have to enter the longitude and latitude, as well as the distance above sea level perfectly or else you could end up hundreds of feet in the air, below the ground, or even somewhere on the Cannibal Islands for all we know! And seeing as how we're trying to get into a busy city, who knows if we'd end up teleporting into a person or a wall or a tree or something. Lastly, once we teleport over, we cannot teleport back."
"It's a risk we'll have to take! Anything beats skipping together!" Corious said.
"I know what we'll do," Grandpa Charlie said, standing up and reaching awkwardly behind himself. He suddenly whipped out what looked like a small rocket, "We'll send one person through the teleport first, just outside of town. If he survives the trip, he can send this flair up into the sky to let the rest of us know he's okay! If yes, then we'll use those same coordinates for everyone else; if no, then we'll skip through the forest and hope the teleported person hasn't become Siamese twins with a stranger."
"Grandpa, where did you get that flair?" Corious asked.
"I had it in my left pant leg. Wizards are supposed to carry stuff like this, you know?"
"I don't call dibs on going first." Bryan said. "I'll go," Corious volunteered.
"We'll need something with which to light the flair." Grandpa Charlie pointed out. "I have matches," Bryan said and began to search his pockets. As he pulled out the matchbook, a large wadded up leaf fell out onto the floor. "Oh hey," Bryan picked it up, "I forgot I found this Risico Leaf!" Grandpa Charlie suddenly started in, eager to brag about his knowledge gained from the books in his study, "Aww, a Risico Leaf! Dutch for the word Risk! It's said that such a leaf can cure nearly any known poisons, but with a possible side effect of instant death." "Well, everything dies eventually," Bryan replied, "It's like they say, 'risicome, risico!" Corious audibly groanded and said, "We're losing daylight, you knob! Lets go do this teleport thing!"
"Hold on, I need a trench coat!" Bryan interjected. "Whyyy do you need a trech coat?" Corious rolled his eyes, expecting another pun. No pun came. Bryan simply stated that he wanted to look cool. "Maybe we can get one in town." Corious said, "Now lets get this over with while I'm psyched about risking my life!"
"RISICO!" Bryan cheered and headed for the door.

To sum up the following events, things went rather smoothly as they readied the teleport, plotted out the desired destination, and sent Corious on his way. Then they hustled out the door, waited for a couple minutes, and sure enough in the distance, a flair appeared streaming over the treetops against the darkening blue sky. "That's it!" said Vladimir, "You're good to go!"
With that, Bryan and Grandpa Charlie hopped into the machine and were warped out of sight.


The three adventurers found themselves by a main road, just outside a busy town. It was surprisingly crowded for that time of night but it seemed nobody had noticed them appear out of thin air. They could smell food from nearby caf├ęs, animals walking about; they could hear the clangs of a blacksmith or two, the chatter of crowds, and the music of street performers.

"Ready for a game of Mingle?" Corious asked.


Mr. Jimbo

Mood Ring
of Illumination

Corious' Staff

Writing Utensils


Risico Leaf


Knick said...

They should casually question strangers about the whereabouts of this mage...after Bryan finds a trenchcoat to purchase.

bobby said...

And be approached by shady figures trying to sell them watches from Burger King kid's meals.

Father Cory said...

Also, Corious should find a laptop and update his blog. He is, after all, keeping a log of his journey!

Elyse said...

My favorite part of this post was, "audibly groanded."

bobby said...

I need to rephrase my comment because it does not fit the way we're supposed to submit quest suggestions.

They should try to avoid any shady dealers in the streets.

Knick said...

Yes, because I'm sure that when you are walking down the street, you can't really make shady figures approach you and try to sell you Burger King toys.

second_clone said...

They should play a quick game of duck duck goose to unwind a bit.